Green frog

HHF Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you ship plants? Yes, plants are shipped in the spring as weather permits. Please see the Current Inventory page for more information.
  2. Can I visit the nursery? Yes, you are welcome to shop at the nursery during normal business hours, which are listed on the Home Page. Visits outside of business hours can be scheduled by appointment. For directions to the nursery, please see the Contact page.
  3. Do you accept credit cards? Yes we do.
  4. Are the plants you sell organic? The plants are not certified organic, however they are organically grown. The only things put on the plants and soil are water and fertilizer. The fertilizer used depends on the plant's needs and is often certified organic.
  5. Why don't you offer cultivars of native species? Because we focus on plants grown from seed, and cultivars can only be reliably produced by cloning via cuttings or by division, we cannot provide cultivars.
  6. If your potting soil is peat-free, what replaces the peat? The main ingredient in our potting soil is coconut coir. The second most prevalent component is compost. The soil also contains ingredients such as rice hulls or pearlite to help with drainage.
  7. Do you sell gift cards? Yes. Please use this link to order eGift cards through Square.
  8. Can I bring my pet along with me to the nursery? Yes, all leashed pets are welcome!
  9. Is there a restroom available at the nursery? At this time we do not have a public toilet.
  10. Do you recycle old pots and trays? We gladly accept the return of any pots or trays that originated from HHF.
  11. What hazards might I encounter if I visit HHF? The nursery is "working wildlife habitat." Along with a variety of birds, frogs and butterflies, you could encounter bees, snakes and an occasional tick.
  12. Does HHF offer discounts for non-profit organizations? Yes. Discounts depend on the quantity of plants purchased. Please Contact the nursery for more information. If you are a tax-exempt organization, please submit a tax exemption form when you order.
  13. Thank You! Please feel free to email HHF with any other questions you might have.